Septic System Repairs

If, through the course of a septic sytem inspection, it is discovered that parts of the system are deemed inadequate  components may be repaired or replaced. JJ& B services can provide its clients with the following septic repair services:

  • Removal and replacement of faulty/decaying distribution box.
  • Installation or replacement  of effluent filters in the septic tank.
  • Jet flushing of laterals to remove sludge from septic bed.
  • Replacement of broken pipes or sewer lines.
  • Removal and replacement of septic tanks.
  • Baffel replacement
  • Installation or repair of septic tank risers and lids.
  • Regrading of area around settled septic tanks.
  • We handle all permits, health department inspections and approvals.
  • In the event of a real estate transfer we guarantee all work to be complete by the date of your closing.
  • In some instances, we are able to carry your repair costs until closing.
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